Immerse yourself in a fun and cultural experience
treasure hunt in Morbihan

Trésors du Morbihan

The concept

Going off the beaten track and (re)discover the territory through this new treasure hunt!
Armed with your smartphone, walk around Morbihan. Be surprised by amazing stories, and have a great time alone, with family or friends!

(Re)discover Morbihan
and its treasures

Local resident or visitor
explore the riches
of this Breton territory

A hike
for the whole family

All year round, 7 days a week, be guided
by our journeys to do, remake, with friends,
a family, couple or solo independently,
with a reward!


You can choose between routes to buy
(at the price of a person's movie ticket
for example) and the routes offered
by municipalities or other partners

Search for the treasures of Morbihan,
This new digital and family treasure hunt allows you
discover the communes and their riches by having fun.

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How to play ?

You can view our routes based on its theme, duration, difficulty or proximity on the Route page or directly on the app.

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Local resident or visitor come to explore the riches of this Breton territory

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All year round, 7 days a week, be guided by our journeys to do, redo, with friends, family, couple or solo independently, with a reward in the key!

Go on an adventure!

Select a route
visualize your location on the map
and go step by step by answering
puzzles to the cache.

Once your answers are correct,
locate the treasure and deposit
item in exchange for another

A few Golden Rules

1- Do not damage plants, walls, buildings, sites
2- Place a personal item in the treasure
3- Take in exchange an object present in the treasure
4- Leave a message in the notebook with his nickname, date, commune and a small comment
5- Return the treasure to the exact spot where you found it
6- Keep a low profile during the journey and discover the treasure
7- Prevent Les Trésors du Morbihan in case of difficulties during the journey

Trésors du Morbihan

"Treasure hunting would motivate us to walk (and take the kids out) while learning things"
Hugo M.

"It's a green, eco-friendly treasure hunt: to be done on foot or by bike and without visual pollution.At our own pace, we discover the magnificent heritage that exists"
Anne P.

"We know Corsica by heart, and we don't even know the riches, the stories, the legends of our beautiful neighbouring towns"
Cédric L.